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Hor’s Douvres

Savoury Tartlets – Woodside goats curd and a mixture of roasted red capsicum and caramelised onion tartlets topped with deep fried leek. Cold.

Savoury Tartlets served on a plate

Savoury Tartlets – Woodside goats curd and a mixture of roasted red capsicum and caramelised onion tartlets

Caesars Bites – Baby Cos lettuce, crunchy prosciutto ham, shaved parmesan, local egg , crunchy croutons all drizzled with an anchovy aioli. Cold

Spanakopita – Spinach, Bulgarian sheep’s fetta and ricotta cheese parcels all brushed with locally made Quandong syrup. Hot

Prawn tempura – Lightly battered Spencer Gulf King Prawns served with a toasted sesame and Japanese soy dipping sauce. Hot

Tandoori chicken – Oven baked chicken thigh pieces coated in a medium spiced
yogurt Tandoori sauce and served on skewers. Hot

Lamb and red lentil pastries – Golden puff pastry baskets filled with a red
lentil tabouli and shredded slow roasted lamb. Cold

Smoked salmon pikelets – Mini pikelets topped with crème fresh, smoked
salmon and deep fried capers. Cold

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Stuffed mushroom – Oven baked mushrooms stuffed with locally smoked ham,
cashew nut pesto and melted Watsonia cheddar cheese. Hot

Three way peppered fillet steak – Fillet steak pieces coated in a three
peppercorn sauce and topped with a green olive tapenade and finley slices
snow peas. Cold

Chorizo and Halloumi delights – Mexican style chorizo sausage topped with
grilled halloumi cheese and semi sundried tomato. Cold

Moroccan lamb – Chilled lamb back strap stuffed with a Moroccan style
ratatouille, topped with a creamy garlic aoli. Cold.

Safron Aroncini balls – Sicilian Safron and Parmesan cheese stuffed risotto
balls encrusted with golden breadcrumbs. Hot

Vietnamese cold rolls – Rice paper rolls stuffed with coconut poached
chicken and a vermicelli noodle salad, served with an Asian inspired dipping
sauce. Cold

Spring rolls – Home made filo pastry rolls stuffed with chinese cabbage,
pork mince and vegetables and served with a quandong chilli sauce. Hot

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Menu items are subject to seasonal availability. Menu prices are charged according to the cost and availability of ingredients.