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Wedding Catering

2L2A9813Are you thinking about getting married on the Yorke Peninsula? Do you need a caterer?

MBC Foods offers excellent quality catering. Covering all styles of catering MBC Foods can help you create the wedding you have dreamed about for so long. If your location seems to remote for a sit down wedding reception dinner or a cocktail style wedding reception think again!

Sushi at Dolphin Bay

Sushi at Dolphin Bay

MBC Foods has catered for over 70 wedding receptions since it started back in 2006. We have catered in halls, clubs, homes and even in paddocks. Butlers beach, Dolphin Bay and Inneston in the stunning Innes National Park are just some of the popular places to celebrate your wedding day. If you can dream it then MBC Foods will help make it become a reality.

With the help of other local businesses, e.g. Mid North Party Hire, S.Y.P. Florist, cake makers and more, Yorke Peninsula is becoming well known for its great location choices to hold wedding receptions at. By using alternative venue’s from beaches, halls, clubs, marquee’s and back yards for your wedding reception you can really cut your costs and spend more on the things you really want like fine food, drinks and music. Country hospitality comes at no extra charge.

Yorke Peninsula has loads of  amazing accommodation too, with each town offering some great houses, motels, caravan parks and more.

So, have a good think about having your wedding and reception here on the Yorke Peninsula.

Our glorious beaches await…………..

IMG_8498 (1)

Mini Pikelets topped with creme fresh, smoked salmon and deep fried capers

Our products are hitting the shelves!

MBC Foods products can be purchased directly from our Home Sales area in Marion Bay, and you can now also buy them right here on the MBC Foods website. But did you know we also sell our products at a range of stores throughout South Australia?


We have 8 wonderful products on offer. Get yours today!

Local, Shop Local

You can find us in the Marion Bay General Store, Marion Bay Caravan Park, Butlers Beach, Yorketown Foodland, Ardrossan Foodland, Kadina Farm Shed, Minlaton IGA, Harvest Corner, Stansbury Gourmet Meats, Port Broughton IGA and many more local food establishments.

Here’s a list of all the places that stock MBC Foods items in Yorke Peninsula.

MBC Foods in Adelaide too? Yes We Are!

Where else can you buy our products?  Seafood on Henley, Seafood on Parade and more….

See the Adelaide Stockists page for the full list of stores in Adelaide

New to Melbourne!

Check out Fegari seafoods in Melbourne to get your salt and pepper coating. Melbourne Stockists

Home Sales Are Here!

Finally MBC Foods has a home sales area at it’s home base in Marion Bay!

Follow the Signs

Follow the blue signs from the Main road to be led straight to our shop.

MBC Foods headquarters. This is where all the products are made! Drive in if you like or park out the front.

Look out for this sign.

 If you see these little signs, you are getting warmer.

You will see this at the end of the drive way.

Ring the bell and have a seat in the garden while you wait.

Come up our drive way and you will see our home sales area, ring the bell for service!

Inside the MBC Foods Shop

Once inside you will find the MBC Foods range of products and a fine selection of other local Yorke Peninsula Produce. Including Yorke Peninsula olive oil, olives, Madu raw honey, Barley Stacks Verjuice, Dirty Inc. pulses which include red lentils and chickpeas,  to name a few.

We have 8 wonderful products on offer. Get your today!

The Magic Galley

This is where the ‘Magic Happens’, well actually it’s where I do all my prep. work for my functions. A state of the art stainless kitchen, with a 5 jet, gas cooktop with a fan forced electric oven underneath’La Germania’.

The MBC Foods Galley

The MBC Foods Galley

This kitchen, in our double story home in Marion Bay overlooks a stunning reserve with snippets of sea views between the native trees.

“I absolutley love creating dishes in my galley style kitchen. I don’t even mind doing the dishes with the lovely view I have!”.

Gourmet BBQ Feeds Many

This Gourmet BBQ went down a treat at a corporate function I did recently at Port Vincent Bowls Club. Gourmet BBQ’s are a great way to feed many people. Excellent for a casual wedding reception, corporate lunches, birthdays, christmas shows and more.

You can choose 4 salads out of a selection of 10. My latest salad is a red lentil tabouli with an Asian style dressing. Pick 4 main course items from a selection of 8 dishes, including Coopers Beer Battered King George Whiting on skewers served with a home made tartare made with local eggs. You get bread and butter also.

All for $40.00 / head.

Have a look at all of the choices under the ‘Menu Suggestion’ tab. Gourmet BBQ choices


Hi there! My name is Caroline Bonnett.

I live in the stunning seaside town of Marion Bay. I am a qualified chef and a mother of three children. My partner Brian ‘Squizzy’ Taylor is my husband and has his own surf coaching business called ‘Core Surf’.

I started my catering business, MBC Foods, back in 2006, although I
have been in the hospitality industry for about 25 years now. I have worked in many types of restaurants and have worked in many different locations.

I also have my product range, with the newest ones being Salt and Pepper coating with lemon and garlic and Salt and Pepper coating with lime and chilli. These add to the range which includes the ever popular Salt and Pepper coating Original flavour, Salt Flakes, Grinder salt, Grinder pepper and the attractive upside down acrylic Salt and Pepper Grinders. Check these out in the online store and buy yours today. Product Store

I hope you enjoy looking around my new web site. Pop back when ever you can to see what else has been happening.

Chow for now!




The C-Food Diet

Many Australians enjoy seafood of one type or another, perhaps it’s because we’re ‘girt by sea’ (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence).  There are seafoods but there are also sea spices.

It’s all in the name

MBC Foods specialises in sea spices and have developed our own brand of sea spices, in fact it is the origin of the business name: Marion Bay C-Foods, or MBC Foods for short.

Ginder Salt

This Sea Salt is naturally evaporated from the pristine waters of Yorke Peninsula and is packaged locally at Marion Bay. Perfect for grinders, curing, seasoning, preserving, underneath oysters or to be used in a relaxing bath.

Are you ready for the Marion Bay C-Food diet?

Then stay tuned to this website for more.

Best eggs are local free range!

EggsEggs, eggs and more eggs.

Best eggs are local free range!

“I just love opening a pre loved egg carton and seeing what is inside”

A selection of farm fresh eggs from the area is a bonus!

Some of my friends who live on the outskirts of town have chickens. I’m very fortunate to be able to get eggs from these chickens. Another bonus (for the chickens) is that I bring all my scraps out to them. They love it when I visit and I love their yummy eggs. When I use these eggs in my cooking I always make sure that my menu contains items which need both the yolk and the white. Quite often you will find a creamy hollondaise sauce on the main and a pavlova for dessert. This is to ensure there is absolutley no wastage of these precious little gems.

It is great to have more than one supplier, so that if for one reason or another some chickens are ‘Off the lay’ then I can easily get others.

I just love opening the carton to see what is inside. Usually some brown, some white, some with a little straw or feather. It’s so organic and real.You know that these chickens are happy. It makes my food happy too!! HaHa!!

You really know they are farm fresh when you eat them. The bright orange yolk is a dead give away. They make the most amazing poached eggs. I just love them.

Be sure to choose one item on your menu to showcase these farm fresh eggs!