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Best eggs are local free range!

EggsEggs, eggs and more eggs.

Best eggs are local free range!

“I just love opening a pre loved egg carton and seeing what is inside”

A selection of farm fresh eggs from the area is a bonus!

Some of my friends who live on the outskirts of town have chickens. I’m very fortunate to be able to get eggs from these chickens. Another bonus (for the chickens) is that I bring all my scraps out to them. They love it when I visit and I love their yummy eggs. When I use these eggs in my cooking I always make sure that my menu contains items which need both the yolk and the white. Quite often you will find a creamy hollondaise sauce on the main and a pavlova for dessert. This is to ensure there is absolutley no wastage of these precious little gems.

It is great to have more than one supplier, so that if for one reason or another some chickens are ‘Off the lay’ then I can easily get others.

I just love opening the carton to see what is inside. Usually some brown, some white, some with a little straw or feather. It’s so organic and real.You know that these chickens are happy. It makes my food happy too!! HaHa!!

You really know they are farm fresh when you eat them. The bright orange yolk is a dead give away. They make the most amazing poached eggs. I just love them.

Be sure to choose one item on your menu to showcase these farm fresh eggs!